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3D printing, sass, and back to school

3D printed sphere

I’m working on a project for my brother. To help me along, I 3D printed a template of a ball so I can use it to see if it fits in what he asked me to print. So it finishes this morning, and the following conversation happens:

LU: Mommy, did you print a ball?
LU: Can we play with it?
LU: Then why did you bother printing it? 🤣🤣

So, if anyone ever asks me why I 3D print, it’s apparently so the kidlets have something to play with.

LU and Mommy goofing off waiting for our appointment

LU had an appointment for her medical stroller recently. She got to pick the color (pink of course) and we worked with her PT to get the features we want and need (like being able to lay flat for diaper changes). It will take a few months before we get it, but I’m excited! LU is excited too! She keeps asking when her changing table stroller will be here.

LK lost a silver cap off her tooth the other night at dinner. SOMEbody *cough Mommy cough* forgot that the kidlets can’t have gummy bears, not even in their ice cream! Oops. Of course this was a Saturday night, so we had to wait. She got in to the dentist on Tuesday, and we found out that her 6 year molar came in and pushed on the cap, kind of popping it loose. Then we found out that, much like LU and myself, her mouth will sometimes reject dental work. So she’s on antibiotics and will have a tooth removed next week, and her cap will be recemented. Fun stuff!

LB starting 9th grade
LN starting 6th grade
LK starting 3rd grade
LU starting 1st grade

The kidlets are back in school and it has been a rough transition for everyone. We are surviving though! LB and LN are doing great in their new schools! I’m super proud of them. LK is loving being the Oldest Sibling at the elementary school, and LU is happy to see everyone at school.

We have been dealing with some new issues as well. LU seems to have trouble regulating her temperature, specifically cooling herself off. After several instances of extreme overheating that led to her panicking and in pain, we’ve had to make adjustments to her supports and bracing. She can’t wear her vest as it doesn’t breathe. Even her feeding backpack is too hot for her. So she’s getting lots of breaks to cool off, has a cooling cloth, and they school takes her gear off several times a day to try to avoid extreme overheating and heat rash. Poor kidlet is really struggling there.

We did survive the first week, however. The littlest kidlets had a family fun picnic at their school last night, so of course we had to start off with Mommy bashing my shins into a metal balance beam I didn’t see on the playground. And of course, we had to end it with LU falling on the metal steps on the equipment and bashing her knee (for the 3rd time this week) and her head. So, now we celebrate surviving the week at home, and try to recover from life 🤣

We had some fuzzy visitors this week, we feel like the chosen house!

Momma deer with her baby
Twin babies and a singleton
Twin fawns
One of the twin fawns
Momma deer with her twin fawns

Have a great weekend everyone! Be safe, and don’t forget to look down every now and again for tripping hazards!

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