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Another Day of Chaos

Man, today has been the Mondayest Tuesday we’ve had in quite some time.

First, Hubby started a new job. He unexpectedly had to change jobs when his last position was dissolved. Today was his first day, and it’s never fun going into a new position blind, not knowing what to expect. But he had a good day, and I hope work settles into a routine for him again.

LK had a rheumatology appointment this morning. She’s been complaining of leg/knee pain off and on for about 2 years now. X-rays always come back normal. Doc drew blood to run some exclusionary tests (hoping for a list of “here’s what it isn’t”) but is leaning towards reactive arthritis. Basically, when her immune system is responding to something (a bug or virus or whatever) it kicks into overdrive and attacks everything. This causes a lot of pain, but not long term. It is very frustrating to watch her cry in pain, but he gave us a new method to try that may help. I’m hoping that’s all it is. She did NOT appreciate having her blood drawn.

“Mom, they did not promise not to give me pinches.” No, baby, they said they weren’t sure if you would get any today. “Mom, that was rude.” At least she cheered up when we were at the pharmacy!

Unfortunately the pharmacy was a whole ‘nother adventure. Meds not ordered right, meds not in stock, only getting a partial prescription. It was a mess. Hopefully it’ll get sorted out soon.

By that point, both girls were over it. They were screaming, pouting, laughing, throwing tantrums on the floor because I wouldn’t let them put stickers on the chairs in the waiting room….you name it, we saw it. Thankfully LE went down for a nap when we got home.

This evening continued the madness. LN had a cub scout meeting at the exact same time that LB had an information night for her school for next year. Hubby and I decided to divide and conquer. He kept LE and LN, and I took LK and LB. Then, we met someone who happened to be at the same base we were at in Afghanistan, but 2 years after us. AND he knew one of the kids I knew when i was there. Small world, eh?

We managed to make it through the evening, even if we were both pretty wild-eyed by bedtime.

Today was crazy, and long, and chaotic, and yet so typical for us. Let’s hope tomorrow is at least a little more controlled!

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