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Another day in the life…


Change, as they say, is inevitable.  Change will always happen.  You can fight it, kicking and screaming, closing your eyes and refusing to acknowledge it, but it’s going to happen anyways.  Change can be scary.  It can be frustrating.  It can be completely obnoxious and unwanted, but it’s always going to be there.

Recently our insurance changed.  This led to a whole new world of managing and setting up prescriptions, maintenance medications, doctor’s appointments, and more.  Thankfully, we get to keep all of our doctors and don’t need any new referrals for the specialists that the kids see.  However, prescriptions.  Whew!  They are super expensive.  Three of our four kids need maintenance medications, and setting everything up is a bit of a change.  No more Safeway pharmacy for us!

Another change….the baby turned a year old!  Looking back, it’s amazing how much she crammed into just a single year of life.  Hospital stays, surgery, specialists, not growing, shrinking, growing.  Eating, but not well.  Eating with the tube, and gaining weight!  She’s come so far, and it’s all passed in the blink of an eye.  She’s started to pull herself forward and can get around pretty well for someone who is “not mobile”.  I’m proud of our LE!

LK is almost three now.  The threenager attitude has hit.  She’s smart and sassy, and just getting sassier by the day.  There is so much personality in this tiny body!  She’s strong-willed, that’s for sure.

Change comes, whether we like it or not.  Whether we are ready or not.  The best thing we can do is hang on tight and prepare the a wild ride!

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