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Changes and Shenanigans

Summer break is always a crazy time for us. Having all of the kids home is always insane. It has been a lot of fun. We’ve gone for walks, played in water, and worked on different projects around the house.

I have been working on renovating a bridge on our property. It was in terrible shape and very unsafe. I’ve been working on it for weeks. One of the planks broke while I was standing on it, just to emphasize how bad it was. My goal was to have it done by this Saturday (yesterday) so my Girl Scouts could bridge across it.

Friday, I was on the tail end of the project. Laying down the planks. I saw one that looked a little askew so I kicked it into place. Instant regret. Not only was it stuck in place, but I was wearing tennis shoes. Long story short, and an Urgent Care turned Emergency Room trip later, I broke my big toe and sprained my foot and ankle. So now I have a cool new shoe and crutches. Crutches with a bad shoulder are certainly a challenge!!!

So, yeah, it has been super exciting around here!

1 thought on “Changes and Shenanigans”

  1. Carmen says:

    The bridge turned out nice, but you of all people should know better than to kick a hard, stationary object! 😐

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