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Riddle me this Batman…

The hospital has a Keurig coffee pot in the parent/family room on the pediatrics floor.  The Keurig is stocked with Green Mountain Coffee.  I know this for a fact.  I have personally made my own coffee here.  So how is it possible that this Green Mountain brand coffee, made in a Keurig machine, can still manage to taste just like any other hospital coffee?  Yet when I make it at home, it tastes so much different!  Go figure

Today we got some bad news.  LE lost more weight overnight.  Because of this, she is unable to go home today.  She had a swallow study this afternoon to see how she eats pureed food.  She does “pool” when she eats, which means she does not swallow everything at the same time.  She’ll swallow most of what she eats with each bite, and what she doesn’t immediately swallow pools in her esophagus.  We did learn today that after every three bites or so, she has to dry swallow (swallow without getting a new bite of food) to clear her throat.  Thankfully, she doesn’t aspirate (the food does not go into her lungs) so she is safe to eat baby food.  She just has to learn how to eat a little bit differently.  For now, she’s not allowed pureed food anyways, but it’s good information to know for the future.

I made it home for an hour or so to visit the other kids.  R made me coffee in the thermos to bring back to the hospital.  I’m telling you, coffee from home just tastes better.

I’ve got some Girl Scout stuff to take care of.  LE is napping right now, and she has a few hours before I have to wake her up to eat again.  So far, we’re still here.  We’ve got a lot of support, but I will be very grateful when we can go home, healthy.

Have any of you dealt with FTT before?  What was the cause?  How was it diagnosed?  How’s your kiddo doing now?

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