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Another day in the life…

Day by Day

Sometimes, it is just hard to sit down and write updates. My brain flits from topic to topic, and I am unable to get the words out.

Tonight, it will be shorter. LE informed me that her teddy bear “Mr. Dylan” needed a button so he could vent and his belly would feel better. She got Mr. Dylan at her sleep study, because Mom accidentally left behind her comfort item (oops!). She loves Mr. Dylan. He came with a name tag that said, “Hello, my name is Dylan”. So, it stuck.

Anyways , Mr. Dylan had a successful surgery and a quick recovery. He is now ready to benefit from his new g button! And LE has a new buddy who has two belly buttons, just like her!

Mr. Dylan before surgery
Mr. Dylan post-op

I guess he needs a tubie pad and backpack to match. Anyone ever make a tiny bear backpack?

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