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Feeding Tube Awareness Week 2021 – Myths Busted

Three of our four kids have, or have had, feeding tubes. LB started with IV nutrition (TPN) and then NG (down the nose to the belly) until she could finally eat enough on her own. Hers were needed due to her premature birth. She needed time to continue to develop.

LK started with an OG (through the mouth to the belly), the graduated to an NG, and finally no tube needed! Hers were also due to her premature birth.

LE had an NG for about 3 days before getting her g tube (straight into the belly). She loved to eat! She ate everything, all the time! She just couldn’t grow. No matter what she did she just kept losing weight. Once she got her tube, she started to THRIVE! It has been amazing. She’s now a super active kidlet, and the tube is just a part of her.


LE eats by mouth most of the time. However, there are times when her insides don’t work as they should, and the tube is used to release the pressure building up in her belly. She gets terrible tummy pains, and the tube helps alleviate that pain. It also allows her to get hydration while she sleeps! That’s a pretty cool trick if you ask me.

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