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Feeding Tube Awareness Week 2022 – Day 1

It’s Feeding Tube Awareness Week again! Three of our four kidlets have had different types of feeding tubes for different reasons.

LB with her NG tube in the NICU

LB had an NG tube placed while she was in the NICU. An NG (Or Nasogastric tube) goes in the nose and down to the belly. She was born early and didn’t have the ability to suck, so this is how she got her nutrition.

LK showing off her OG and BiPap

LK had an OG tube. An OG (or Orogastric tube) is a feeding tube that goes in the mouth and down to the belly). She was also born early and very underdeveloped. She needed a lot of help to Thrive, and her OG eventually became an NG and then she could eat by mouth!

LE showing off her two belly buttons

LE has a g tube. A g tube (or Gastrostomy tube) is inserted into a surgically created hole (or stoma) in her belly. She got it because she was Failure to Thrive (FTT) and unable to eat enough. She continues to use it as a way to take meds, receive fluids, and release pressure from her gut.

Kidlets (and grown ups) have feeding tubes for a variety of reasons. Not all of those reasons are obvious. It is not a decision that is made lightly, but everyone has their reasons. This week, I hope to bring awareness to some of those reasons! Some are short term, some are long term, some are life long. Everyone is different, but everyone deserves a chance to eat! Feeding tubes give people that chance.

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