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Feeding Tube Awareness Week 2023 – Day 4

Do feeding tubes limit activities?

Believe it or not, feeding tubes themselves don’t impede activities!

When LU got her g tube, she wasn’t crawling or mobile yet. I had a huge fear: the stairs. The other kidlets always slid down the stairs on their bellies. I was terrified that eventually, LU would do the same and yank her tube out.

Guess what? She slid down on her butt instead.

Tummy time! Won’t the tube get in the way of tummy time?

Quite literally within hours of her surgery, she rolled over onto her belly and hung out that way. It was actually a problem because she kept pulling the scab off of her belly button and pediatric surgery came and re glued it three different times before giving up. NOTE: her surgery to get the tube involved a scope going in through her belly button, which then got glued shut, which she completely ignored.

She crawled, she rolled, she ran, she played. When she’s being fed or venting (which is 24/7 now), we out everything in a backpack that she wears. Sometimes she prefers to have everything on an IV pole at home.

I have seen tubies do sports like gymnastics and basketball, dance, swim, you name it they find a way!

Yes, it gets pulled out or falls out sometimes. But it still doesn’t stop them!

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