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Feeding Tube Awareness Week 2024 Finale

And so it ends. Another week of a year of spreading awareness. But you know what?

It doesn’t end for us.

We are aware every day.

We are aware of buttons, extensions, syringes, Farrell bags, feed bags, IV poles and backpacks.

We are aware of feeding, venting, and medication in ways other than orally.

We are aware of granulation tissue, scar tissue, and stomas.

We are aware that some bellies have two buttons. Some even have three or four!

We are aware that our feeding tube story isn’t anyone else’s.

We all have a path to walk. We all are aware of things that are close to our hearts. And feeding tubes are very close.

Is there anything you’ve always wanted to ask about feeding tubes? The process? The care? The why?

Have you ever wondered what it was like to see parts of your child glowing in the dark when you check on them at night? (It can be unsettling, that’s for sure!)

LU with an arm wrapped around mine, playing a Nintendo Switch while snuggled in a recliner
This tubie is tired

We spent Feeding Tube Awareness Week using the tube to drain a belly, push meds, and pull air. Without the tube, her pain would have had minimal relief and most likely more invasive treatments.

We are thankful. We are blessed. We are aware.

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