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G tube tips and tricks

As a special needs family, we often have to get creative when it comes to storing supplies. LE uses a backpack to store her feeding supplies and vent bags.

Sometimes, like when she is eating at the table, the backpack doesn’t really work. We can’t just put it on the floor because the vent bag has to stay above her belly level. So we improvise.

One thing we absolutely swear by is Command Hooks. We can stick them anywhere without having to worry about damaging our walls. We’ve even hooked them on the back of chairs. It’s fantastic!

Another great trick is carabiners. I keep one hooked on the top of the backpack so I can hook it on the back of the carseat.

The past two years have taught us how to improvise. We have learned a lot through trial and error as well as learning from others who have walked this path before.

Never be afraid to learn something new!

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