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G Tubes and FTT

So it’s been a while.  Life’s been crazy, as usual.  LE got her g tube on 15 February, and it has been a lifesaver.  Literally.  She’s gained so much weight since then.  Our challenge has been to increase how much she eats without increasing how much she eats.  We have to raise calories without raising volume.  She is very volume sensitive, so if we over feed her, even by just a couple mls, she will puke it all up.

LE turns a year old on Wednesday, and she’s rocking the scales at 14 lbs 10.5 oz.  She eats 110 ml every 3 hours during the day and then 320 mls overnight (she gets 40 ml an hour for 8 hours through her g tube, with a pump that rations the formula out).  She is sick right now, so I’ve had to do some quick math to figure out how much to continuously feed her during the day during this illness so she gets all over her calories without overloading her tummy.  Good times!

It’s never boring over here.

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