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Kidlets and Coffee Girl Scouts Girl Scouts Rededication Ceremony

Girl Scouts Rededication Ceremony

I lead a local Girl Scout troop.  We are a small troop, with only 3 girls (1 Daisy level and 2 Brownie level girls).  Recently, we held our Rededication Ceremony and the girls did amazing.  A Rededication Ceremony is where the girls rededicate themselves to another year of scouting.  They are committing to it in a formal ceremony.  We actually had a lot of fun with it.  The girls made a Gorp Trail Mix throughout the ceremony to demonstrate how everyone is different, we’re all a little nutty, and we all come together to form a team.  Yet, even in that mix, you can look and see the individual personalities that make each girl stand out.  The troop ranges in age from 6-8 so this was a good ceremony for them, and one they could understand.  Plus, they got to eat it afterwards!  I’m so proud of these munchkins.

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