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Goodbye 2023, Hello 2024

Once again, we say goodbye to the year. This is our chance to welcome a new year, a new start, and a new outlook. So we briefly look back on this past year, and see where we have ended up.

2023 started off with LN starting medication for his ADHD. We waited a long time to start medication, we wanted to try everything else first. He kept asking, though, and we did eventually realize that it was best for him. And it truly has been. With minimal tweaking of dose, he is thriving. He is retaining information and is able to focus both at school and at home. It’s amazing! His confidence has grown, and he is as proud of himself as we are of him.

LB got the wonderful news from her pulmonologist that her asthma is well controlled. Incredible! From unexpected hospital stays due to her asthma, to a medication that caused her to completely stop gaining weight and growing, to a balance of good growth and great control! She is doing great in school, has made new friends, and is coming out of her shell. We are so proud!

LK has continued to show the world her sassy and kind nature. Her teacher tells us that she is always the first to offer a hug and a kind word when she thinks anyone might be having a bad day, or even just a rough moment. She is compassionate and sweet, but not afraid to throw a sarcastic remark or demonstrate her sassy side. She’s been feisty since before she was born, and is so much fun!

LU has had a rollercoaster of a year. However, I can officially say that we made it through 2023 with no hospital stays yay! She has added to her already long list of specialists and symptoms, but we have yet to receive a diagnosis that would explain anything. She has undergone testing and demonstrated time and again just how brave she truly is. She struggles, but she prevails.

The Kidlets and Coffee family in front of the Avengers sign at Disneyland

We traveled to California, attended a family reunion, hung out at Disneyland and the beach, and grew in a variety of ways. We have all faced challenges, and helped lift each other up.

2023 was not easy for us. We learned a lot, we didn’t learn things we wanted to, and we’ve continued to meet every challenge thrown at us.

2024 offers new opportunities for everyone. It is a chance to stand up and say, I am starting fresh, today.

Life will continue to throw, well, life at us. We will continue to face it. We will not always be successful. We will have good days and bad days. We will have moments where we are so overwhelmed and frustrated we want to scream and cry. And that’s ok! That is life.

In the words of the great Monty Python, “Always look on the bright side of life.”

Be safe. Be loved. Be weird. Be you.

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