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Happy Halloween!

It’s already November 1st, can you believe it?  Yesterday, the kids had Halloween parties at school, which was a lot of fun for them (and for me!).  Since the weather was so cold, we went Trick-or-Treating at the local mall for their Mall-oween event.  It was super crowded, and we probably won’t go again next year, but at least we got to experience it once!

After we got home, there was a herd of deer on the front porch eating our pumpkins.  So, at least we waited to put them out until Halloween night.  Out here, there’s always a challenge of fighting the squirrels and the deer for our pumpkins.  We put glow sticks in them this year as it was too windy for flaming candles, so at least they didn’t cause a fire!

That’s definitely not where we left this:

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