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Happy New Year

Happy New Year, folks. 2019 started off brutally, with the loss of our beloved cat, Mister. The year continued to throw punches at us, roadblocks, obstacles, and frustrations. There was heartbreak, depression, anxiety, stress. But you know what else? 2019 showed us our strength. Forced us to be courageous and face our fears. And we are all stronger for it.

Mister, orange cat


I hope everyone can learn to face their fears, overcome their obstacles, and face life head on. It isn’t easy but it IS worth it.

I’ve learned that it is ok to be down. It is ok to struggle. Don’t be afraid to withdraw and regroup. Take care of yourself. Learn what you need and meet those needs. You will be stronger for it.

As is normal for us, we are battling illness with the kidlets. LN was Patient Zero, and LK seems to have been hit the hardest. She’s on Day 11 of fevers and snot and congestion. Good times. She’s a tough kid, and seems to be more annoyed of being sick than anything else, like her Daddy. I can’t even begin to tell you how many times we have heard, “This sickness is never going away! It’s lasting too long!” from her over the past week and a half. She’s over it.

Looking forward to a new year. 366 new opportunities to make change and grow stronger and closer as a family. 366 chances to make a difference and spread kindness.

Are you up for the challenge?

Baby Yoda on a speeder

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