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Healing and Art

So this particular surgery has been challenging. I’m not recovering quite as fast as the doc hoped (raise your hand if you’re surprised!) and I am going to be in the cast longer than expected.

I got my cast wet last weekend (oops) and had to get a new one on Monday. The nurses felt bad about cutting it off, but I told them it’s just giving me a new blank canvas! Apparently, painting and super decorating casts, boots, wheelchairs, and crutches isn’t very common. But gotta have fun with it, ya know?

The last one

Doc took a peek at my foot when the cast was off and decided we needed to add time. Ugh. So now I’m working on a new one. Blank canvas! Well, not anymore 🙂

Now I need to nerdify it. I’ve already got my stencils and paints ready!

I hope everyone is doing well. I can’t really complain too much, none of this is really a stretch from our usual daily life. Our AC died, our heater died, a pipe under the kitchen sink broke, our garage doors broke (but got fixed!) So, really, this is just another day.

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