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Kidlets and Coffee Uncategorized Holy cow, it’s been a week!

Holy cow, it’s been a week!

Everybody here is still sick.  I’ve managed to recover a bit, which makes it easier to take care of the kids (and the cat).

LB was feeling better for a while, but now is starting to feel crummy again.  I’m hoping she can hold out until the weekend, and then sleep all weekend.

LN had to go to the pediatrician this week.  His lymph nodes around his neck are swollen, but feel like little marbles and I wanted to be sure he was ok.  Doc says he is, just fighting this virus.  He was negative on the strep test, thankfully.  We’re seeing a lot of emotional outbursts from him which is common when he isn’t feeling well.  Hopefully he shakes it soon.

LK is walking the line between sick and well.  She’s clearly feeling horrible, but still pingy.  It’s tough when you’re 2 years old, though.  She’s got the runny nose and her face is chapping up (a fun side effect of eczema) but she’s powering through it.

LE has been a bucket of drool and snot lately.  It’s been rough because she’s underweight and officially Failure to Thrive (FTT).  She was weighed at her 6 month checkup on the 11th of October and then weighed again on Monday and she weighed 11 lbs 8.6 oz both times.  It’s very frustrating because she’s eating a ton, and we’ve added baby food to her day.  She just needs to pack on those calories!  I’m hoping that the only reason we aren’t seeing growth is because she’s been sick, and everyone loses weight when they’re sick.

The cat has had to make another visit to the vet, actually two visits.  His ear was not improving, and on Tuesday the vet had to drain his ear.  It looks better now (less swollen, more deflated) but there’s still an infection in there so he’s added another 2 weeks to his ear drops.  He’s not thrilled about it.  He’s got the cone of shame on, which has been decorated by the kids to cheer him up.  Hopefully he beats this soon!

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