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It’s Been a While

Heya folks. I know it’s been a while since I last updated on here, and I finally got a little bit to sit down and write this out.

We’ve had birthdays, sickness, hospital visits, therapies, specialist visits, appointment cancellations, and more!

LB got braces last month, and then a week later got four baby teeth pulled. Unfortunately, she inherited my teeth (they all did!) and there just isn’t enough room in her mouth for all of her adult teeth. So, we begin the braces journey. The teeth needed to be pulled because the adult teeth were being wonky and not making their way out properly, so we had to make space for them. She handled it all like the champ she is!

LB smiling with braces, wearing a pink and purple sweatshirt with pink headphones around her neck

LN has been doing awesome at school and at home. He’s really showing how far he has come with his emotional regulation. Is every day perfect? Of course not! But he has started to recognize his triggers and situations that may not end well for him, and talked to his teacher about alternatives. He takes breaks when he needs them, knows what to do when he is overwhelmed, and is taking charge! We are proud of him!

LK has been struggling with her arthritis. We’ve been communicating with her rheumatologist, and will be doing more tests in the near future. She’s gone from only feeling pain in one kneecap to feeling pain in both knees, an ankle, and an elbow. It could just be the weather changes, or it could be something else. We’ll know more after testing. She’s one tough Superhero as well!

LE has kept us on our toes. She has Physical Therapy (PT) twice a week, Occupational Therapy (OT) twice a week, plus her normal appointments and a recent sleep study. Her PT has been a bit challenging as her original therapist left the company suddenly and we had to wait on a new one. She’s been doing awesome and working hard (even when she fusses about having to wear her glasses!). We don’t yet know the results of her sleep study, but she showed extreme bravery and handled it like the Superhero we know she is.

I (Mom!) have also had PT twice a week for the past few weeks. After my foot/ankle surgery (and second foot surgery), I never had PT. Part of my ankle surgery was tightening up the tendons/ligaments in my ankle. Apparently, not having PT and developing scar tissue led to pain and stiffness that could have all been avoided. But now I am in PT and working on regaining my range of motion and easing the pain. It’s going very well! But it does lead to therapies 5 days a week, sometimes more than one a day, for us. Oh, and I have another kidney infection (because why not) which has just added to everything.

It’s chaos, but it’s life!

We did have some visitors the other night. I spent quite a bit of time talking to them, letting them know that I was just going to buckle some car seats, sorry I need to be next to my car, please just stay there and chill. Thankfully, they listened 🙂 It is hard to tell from the pictures, but each one is about 5-6 feet away from my car.

Buck facing to the left of the picture
Buck laying down, facing to the left

So that’s the quick update on life! I hope everyone has been doing well! We are still here, still trucking on, and still living in the chaos we call life.

“Life is a journey. Time is a river. The door is ajar.”

Jim Butcher, Dead Beat

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