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It’s That Time of Year Again

LB, LK, LE, and LN sitting on a bench at the zoo. All are wearing hats and smiling at the camera with water bottles hung around their neck
One last trip to the zoo before school started

Heya folks. I know it’s been a while, but, as usual, the adventures of life that I write about get in the way of me actually, you know, writing about them. So onward to the adventures!

Kids went back to school a couple weeks ago. LB started a day later than LK and LN, and LE is too young for school. On the first day of school for the middle kidlets, LE wasn’t feeling well. She had Occupational Therapy (OT) that day, and seemed ok, but as the day went on she felt worse and worse. It was pretty frustrating because the kids hadn’t even come home from their first day of school, when the Real Germs hit us. But of course, we can’t do anything normal here.

LK and LN standing in front of wooden door, wearing backpacks and LK is holding a panda lunchbox
LK and LN ready to start school!
LB standing in front of a wooden door, wearing a backpack and smiling at the camera
LB ready to start school

The kidlets did well on their respective first days of school. Of course, we did have this conversation when LK got off the bus on her first day:

Mom & Dad: How was your day?
LK: I didn’t get detention today!

Ummmm…was that ever a possibility? Apparently my kidlets think that detention is much more common than it is. But, yay for no detention! 🙂

After a few days, LK caught when LE had. She was out for a day, missed school, and was very unhappy about it. Thankfully, she didn’t miss much. LN got it over the weekend, but wasn’t flattened by it. LB got it the following week and missed three days of school. Asthma makes it harder for her to just bounce back from things, but she kept up with her school online as best she could when she felt up to it and cuddled with the cats a lot.

They’re all back this week hurray!

Amidst all of this, we discovered a new water damaged spot in the house, this time in the basement ceiling. It wasn’t pouring yet, but there were distinct bubbles in the ceiling drywall. We called our contractor out, and traced the problem to our dishwasher. A dishwasher that truly wasn’t that old, and managed to leak from a spot that was not easily fixed, so we had to replace the whole thing. So we are still getting the ceiling fixed now, it’s almost done, but I’m getting pretty paranoid about this whole water thing. 3 separate problems, in 3 very different locations in the house. *sigh* By the time we are done with all of this, we’ll have rebuilt this house from the ground up, brick by brick.

Let’s see, what else….

LE was assessed by Physical Therapy (PT) and will start receiving services soon. We’re looking at the least-invasive options we can find to correct her in-toeing (her feet turn is so much her toes hit each other when she walks and runs, and it causes her to fall even more than usual). She also has hypotonia (low muscle tone) which doesn’t help in the slightest. PLUS we discovered that she also has pretty severe Sensory Processing Disorder, but it is challenging to find items that help (like weighted/compression vests) that do not irritate her g tube.

I had a VA appointment yesterday and got some more steroid shots in my shoulder. We are at a point where this is no “fixing” just “salvaging” what we can. Chronic multi-dimensional instability, arthritis, tendonitis, bursitis, missing bone, shredded soft tissue, there just isn’t much to work with to fix. We’re really just looking at buying time until I’m older, when I can receive a full shoulder replacement. For now, steroid shots buy some time, trigger point treatments, physical therapy at home, etc. The bruising from the injections is always fun, though!

Hope everyone is doing well. Between normal life and appointments ramping back up (PT, OT, orthopedics for LE, orthopedics for me, scheduling sleep studies, pulmonology for LB, rheumatology for LK, and ideally speech for LN) life is coming back full force.

Stay safe, stay well!

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