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Just another Monday

Yesterday was a typical Monday around here.  Lots of chaos, lots of sick kids (and pets), and just general shenanigans.

LB finally is well enough to go to school, so off she went to the bus yesterday.  Yay!  She was really excited to see her friends again, and I was really excited to have one less petri dish in the house.

LN still is feeling crummy, but he’s powering through it.  He spent most of yesterday on the couch, playing on his tablet or laying around.  He’s still got a runny nose, but he doesn’t have school on Monday anyways so it was an extra day to rest and get better.  He did make it to school today!

LK is done with her eye drops as of yesterday.  HURRAY!  It is not fun to give a 2 year old eye drops, let me tell you.  They find their inner Hulk strength and squish those cute little eyes closed so you can’t get the drops in.  But we prevailed, and now she’s done with them.

LE is doing well.  She started eating baby food bananas yesterday, and seemed to really like them!  Hopefully these will help her put on weight as she is still currently Failure to Thrive.  But she’s happy and beautiful.

The cat is sick, he’s got an ear infection and a hematoma in the same ear.  Over the weekend, his ear got much more swollen so I had to take him back to the vet yesterday.  She confirmed that his ear is more swollen, but it’s “mushier” than it was on Friday.  So the hematoma is no longer one large clot, it’s breaking down and preparing to be reabsorbed.  He’s on prednisone and ear drops, which apparently are helping.  He’s also got the cone of shame, which the kids have decorated with stickers to make him happier, which the vet got a kick out of.

I’ve got no voice, which the kids think is hilarious.  If I had closed captioning, it would be along the lines of ” *whispers angrily* ”

Ended the day with a glass of wine, now it’s Tuesday and it all begins again!  Bring on the coffee!!

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