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Kidney and Ankle and Foot, Oh My!

So I already talked about the kidney issue. I saw the urologist and he put me on a really strong antibiotic, since I was unable to finish the first two rounds. It seems to be helping. Yay! He is considering checking my kidney function by injecting me with dye and following its progress to see if my kidney is doing what it is supposed to be. He isn’t very sure, though. He did mention that it is odd that I’m having issues with my double kidney as an adult. Typically, as it is something I was born with, the issues would show up in childhood while the body is growing. As an adult, a double kidney has usually figured out how to function and not cause any issues. Of course, I have to be different and not have any issues as a child and only issues as an adult. Go figure.

The day before my urology appointment, I made a spectacular gravity check by stepping off my front porch. My ankle rolled and something popped. It sucked. Luckily for me, the day after my urology appointment I had a scheduled appointment with the Foot and Ankle clinic about my toe (conveniently on the same foot). Long story short, after an xray and an MRI, we’ve learned that I fractured my ankle, tore a tendon in my foot, and sprained another one. I was planning on surgery on my toe anyways, so now that will be a bit more of a complicated operation, but the doc can fix everything at once. He also plans on tightening my Achilles tendon to hopefully prevent the ankle rolling in the future. But hey, one surgery to fix everything is a whole lot more convenient than several surgeries. So yay for destroying my already damaged foot, I guess?

I’ve got a lot to do before my surgery, but I’m getting it done. My husband needs oral surgery, and for a while we thought that we’d both be having surgery on the same day! Talk about challenging. His got pushed off for a few weeks, though. We were already working on how to make it work for both of us. Thankfully, we didn’t have to enact that particular emergency plan. It just sucks that he has to stay in pain for that much longer, since his surgeon didn’t have any openings.

School starts soon for the kiddos, too. We will be starting the year off by doing school online. We hope the kids can return to regular school at some point, though. To all the teachers and counselors out there, be safe! I know these are difficult times for you, and I know you want the best for the kidlets, same as us.

Be safe, y’all!

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