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Kidneys! I’ve got new kidneys! I don’t like the color

12th Doctor

The last few weeks have been wild, y’all. I had some pretty serious pain under my ribs that moved to my back and shoulder so I headed to Urgent Care. They were convinced it was my gallbladder, and did a CT to confirm. Imagine everyone’s surprise when it turns out it’s a kidney infection! After reading the CT notes, they commented, “Hmmmm…your right kidney appears to be shaped odd.” Oh yeah, I totally forgot I’ve got a double kidney. It’s kind of like having a kidney and a half on my right side. Weird, right? So they send me home on antibiotics and pain meds.

Fast forward a week. Meds aren’t working, I head back to Urgent Care. Again, they think it’s my gallbladder. 45 minute ultrasound later….it’s my kidney. Still. So we switch antibiotics and pain meds and send me home again.

I felt great! The meds were working! For a few days, anyways. Then I broke out in a massive rash, head to toe, and I’m just miserable. Joint aches, skin on fire, vomiting, the works. A few days of this and we realize I’m wildly and hilariously allergic to the antibiotics. So I end up taking 5 days of steroids to help recover from that awesomeness.

So I still haven’t finished a course of antibiotics, my system is all out of whack, and I have a funny shaped kidney. I have an appointment with urology next week. Hopefully we’ll find out if this is going to be an issue. Good times!

On top of all this, I’m looking at surgery on my toe in the near future. Not the one I broke, of course not, that would be the normal course. Nope, the big toe on my right foot is all jacked up from having my big toe broken on my left foot for so long. So there are pins, screws, and wires in my near future.

How’s life? We are never bored here!

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