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Another day in the life…

*Knock Knock*

Who’s there?

Me! I’m back!

Hahah I crack myself up

Heya folks. I’ve been on a bit of an inadvertent hiatus. Girl Scout cookie season was going on, which is always chaotic and crazy for us. LE had RSV, although thankfully we only had one Urgent Care trip and no hospital admissions. LB had strep, LN and LK got sick. In fact, LN had to be picked up from school this morning because of a fever and general crumminess. It is just that time of year. Again.

So on with the updates!

LE has gotten a referral to the motility clinic at the Children’s Hospital. Her appointment isn’t until the end of April, but we are hoping to get some answers, such as WHERE her digestive system stops working and WHY it chooses to do so. Or not do so, I suppose. She has started using a new treatment option, the Farrell Bag. This bag hooks to her g-button with the sole purpose of venting air from her belly. She has a huge problem with distension and we struggle to get the air out of her belly. This has helped a lot!

We got hit with the massive storm last week. It threw a wrench in everything, but thankfully we are all ok. I continue to pray for those who were lost in the storm, and those who are in its path as it continues east.

I hope everyone has been well! I am back online, back to updating, and plan on posting a few more updates in the next few days.

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