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Heya folks. I hope you’ve all been well! Life’s busy here, as always.

I had a checkup at the VA, just a yearly physical. my blood pressure runs low and my heart rate runs high, it’s been that way for years. I’m used to the reactions to my blood pressure (“Are you dizzy? Do you feel like you’re going to pass out?” Etc) so I try to warn whoever is taking ny vitals. I learned that the program they use to input vitals does NOT like low blood pressure. 87/47 demands they retake it. 90/50 demans they retake it. Five times later, and several jokes and laughing, we got it high enough to be acceptable. Good times.

The kidlets are doing well. We battled a stomach bug for over a month that is finally gone, thankfully. It was brutal, and just jumped from kid to kid.

He wasn’t impressed

The puppy is growing fast. At 3 months old he was 31.2 lbs. He’s starting to get used to the leash, so it’s a little easier to get him around.

Mr. Dylan with his orthotics

LE had to get sized for new orthotics, and our incredible orthotist got some for her teddy bear Mr. Dylan. He’s so cute!

LE had a gastroparesis flare, which was miserable for her. Her belly hurt, she was super bloated, and she struggled to eat and drink. Thankfully we can use the g tube to give fluids and meds! I’m so grateful for her tube.

Hope y’all are doing well!

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