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Long Overdue Update

Heya folks! It’s been madness, as usual, around here. Summer break is over! Kids are back in school! Birthday season is upon us! Doctors’ appointments are never ending! You know, the usual.

LB, LU, LK, and LN pose in front of large wooden gates with a red Exit sign above them
The kidlets at the gate

We went to the Renaissance Faire this summer for the first time. It was an absolute blast! LU (formerly known as LE) was so concerned about the jester, who would hang out of windows and off edges, she didn’t think that was safe! But everyone had fun and we will definitely go back next summer.

LB wearing blue jeans, a light green shirt, and a black sweatshirt tied around her waist smiles at the bus stop
LB on her first day of school

Lil Bird (LB) had a great first day back at school. One of the brackets on her braces broke during lunch (not her fault) which added excitement for her haha That same week, she had a pulmonology appointment so we scheduled an orthodontist appointment on the same day. Starting off with a bang!

LN in a gray and black sweatshirt and black pants posing at the bus stop
LN posing on his first day of school

Lil Ninja (LN) had a fantastic first day of school. He’s excited to see his friends again, and many of them are in his class which is great! He’s already planning on helping with tye Special Olympics again this year, and can’t wait to start!

LK in a pink and white dress at the bus stop
LK ready for the bus

Lil Koala (LK) is having an exciting year already! She was fitted with Ankle Foot Orthotics (AFOs) over the summer to address her toe walking, which will ideally help reduce her knee pain. She’ll start wearing them full time soon. For nos, she loves her teacher and has a lot of friends in her class at school!

LU with pigtails in her hair bending down to smile in the camera
LU was so excited to start school!
LU passed out on the couch
It was exhausting for her, though

Lil Unicorn (LU, formerly Lil Elf or LE) was so excited to start school this year. She has a lot of challenges that we have been working with the school to handle, and they’re doing amazing with her! She loves her teacher and the teams, and has made so many friends. She willingly puts on her derotation straps every day now that they are decorated like a rainbow giraffe. She struggles with low muscle tone, and the school is adapting either her so she doesn’t burn all of her energy too quickly. She did have to miss a few days because she just could not recover and it was unsafe to send her to school (she fell HARD because her little body just didn’t have the strength and endurance).

The kidlets all got sick (big surprise) except for LB, so everyone missed a few days for that. The usual for this time of year, especially for us.

On the whole, everyone is adjusting rather well to the changes in schedule. The kids all love their teachers and being able to see their friends!

Tibetan Mastiff puppy laying with his front paws crossed on a black couch

Mouse, our Tibetan Mastiff puppy, is growing like a weed. At 8.5 months old he weighed 101.9 lbs! He’s big, he’s goofy, and he’s loved. It’s amazing to watch him grow!

I hope everyone is doing well. Eventually, I will update this site to include everyone’s nicknames and diagnoses, but for now good luck keeping track of everyone! 🤣

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  1. Carrie Walker says:

    It’s great to hear that all the kidlets are settling into school! Sounds like it keeps you very busy but you’ve got this down to a science. That is one very large puppy! Keep up the good work everyone. I am sending you all my good thoughts and much love!!

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