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Modern Medicine

Modern medicine is wild, y’all. Seriously. My sleep doctor called me out of the blue the other morning (she’s in another city) to tell me that my CPAP machine has been telling her that there have been issues. The mask doesn’t stay sealed, so my machine has been telling the doc every day. How cool is rhat? Anybody that has ever tried to get in touch with a VA specialty clinic can understand my excitement here. If I tried to call and talk to her about it, I’d never get in touch with her. So my machine does it for me. So cool!

My foot appears to be healing. I got to leave the boot behind this week, and I have another post op with x-rays next week to see how everything is doing. Hopefully, it’s healing like a normal person, and not like me. I’m able to walk and get things done, so I’ll count that as a win.

The kidlets are doing well. It’s been a nice Spring Break for all of us.

LB’s asthma seems to be well controlled at the moment, which is a huge relief for us.

LN has enjoyed the break from school and not having to focus at a computer all day.

LK is still having pain from her reactive arthritis. The cold weather is brutal, but we have a nice rice heating pad that helps her and eases the pain.

LE’s belly is still doing its own thing. She recently had a GI appointment where we started to work out a new treatment plan. Blood work, stool samples, and x-rays didn’t give us any real answers, unfortunately, so for now we continue to treat symptoms as they come. We increased the dose of one of her meds, as she is growing (huzzah!) plus she did a short course of antibiotics to take out some bad bacteria that grew. Fun thing about gastroparesis, when your gut isn’t moving things along like it should, everything sits and ferments, basically, creating a prime feeding ground for bad bacteria. Her doc described it as a stagnant pond rather than a flowing stream. It definitely causes bad moods, that’s for sure. We learned years ago that if the gut ain’t happy, nobody is happy.

We’re all still hanging in there. I’m forever grateful for being able to spend so much time with my family, even when we all drive each other nuts. We try to make this time at home as positive as possible, so when the kidlets look back, they’ll have fond memories of this time.

How’s everyone doing? I’m always here to listen if you need to talk, and I’m sure I can provide some entertaining stories if you need a laugh. Don’t be afraid to reach out!

May we all be as patient as three frogs waiting for an albino plecostomus to move off their food 🙂

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