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Murphy’s Law

So I had my surgery last week. Yay! Doc went in and corrected a bunion (which involved cutting the bone and then shifting the bone pieces and screwing them into the right place), corrected a bone spur (shaved the bone down), and tightening up my ankle (screwing my tendon tighter with two titanium screws). He was super pleased with the results. The plan was to keep the bandage until yesterday, then replace it with a cast. Next week, I get my stitches out and another cast. A few weeks later, lose the cast for a boot and start walking. Yay!

Well, as we all know, nothing is ever that easy. Went in yesterday and discovered that 2 of my 3 incisions have an infection. One of those rare-but-always-possible risks associated with having surgery. Lucky me. Because of this, I’m healing much slower than expected.

New plan! Casted yesterday, stitches out next week and new cast. I will continue to have casts for the next 6-8 weeks. One reason for this is my ankle cannot flex to 90°, so we have to slowly push it more and more with the casts to get that range of motion back.

Folks, THIS is why we purchased a wheelchair! Nobody here is surprised by this turn of events. That’s just how our life goes. So now I’m on another antibiotic, plus new pain meds and antinausea meds. At least I have more things to decorate haha The cast and wheelchair are both TARDIS blue. What do you think I should decorate them with?

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