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New Year 2021

Welcome to 2021! A bit belated, but welcome nonetheless. Boy it’s started off with a bang, right?

Things around here are roughly the same. The usual chaos, madness, and confusion.

We’ve added a bit more to the mix, of course. Guinea pig got an abscess and is on antibiotics. She’s actually super easy to dose, thankfully! We’re on her 3rd round of antibiotics, but she is improving. Hopefully this is the last round! She’s been a champ through it all, even going to the vet for her first visits. She’s still super chatty and energetic.

One of our cats has elevated liver enzymes, discovered a week or so ago during a routine vet exam. She’s now on a supplement, and she is not nearly as easy to dose as the guinea pig. She’s doing well, if it wasn’t for the wonky lab results we never would have known anything was wrong. She is our smallest cat, so she wraps up as a neat little burrito. We’ll recheck her labs in a few weeks to see if the supplement is working and go from there.

A Toothless burrito

Thor is growing faster than his joints can his joints appreciate. He’s on a supplement that we gave to our Malamute, hopefully it starts working soon.

LN switched reflux meds. It’s working great and is a lot less of a hassle to get from the pharmacy. Yay!

LE is still having tummy issues, and it makes her cranky. But we push through and hopefully our wonderful medical team can help us find a solution.

I’m needing another foot surgery, but have to wait until the VA approves the treatments from a non-VA provider. So, some time between now and next year I’ll have the surgery 😂

We had a wonderful Christmas, and a much needed break from school and work. It was fantastic!

The world seems to be going crazy, and I know it is affecting the mental health of a lot of people right now. Just know that you are never alone. Reach out! Drop a line here, call a friend or loved one, and Always Keep Fighting.

2 thoughts on “New Year 2021”

  1. Jennifer--- the crazy one says:

    So much fun and chaos all the time. Glad to hear the updates, hope everyone gets back to great health soon. Why do you need another surgery?
    We NEED to do coffee lol….COFFEE IS NEEDED

    1. MLMast says:

      We really do need coffee!!! And my big toe didn’t heal straight from my last one, so the doc has to cut the bone in half, shave the bone down, and pin it straight. Good times! I already have 3 screws in my foot and ankle, what’s one more? Lol

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