Kidlets and Coffee

Another day in the life…


What is “normal”? And what makes it so?

My normal looks different than your normal. Your normal looks different than someone else.

Sometimes, we get so used to our normal, we forget it isn’t necessarily okay.

My normal baseline involves pain. Now, I’ve earned my various pains over the course of my life, between gymnastics, the Army, and my general clumsiness. My shoulder hurts and I can say, oh yeah, I injured that years ago.

LU’s normal baseline is also pain. But she hasn’t earned that pain over a lifetime of experiences. She was born with it. She doesn’t know any different. And frankly, that sucks.

Sometimes, I forget that she is in pain all the time. Sometimes, I get impatient with whining kidlets. Let’s be real, I’m human. I have days where it’s hard to listen to whining and complaints. I have days where I struggle to be patient and understanding.

Sometimes, I have to be reminded that just because it’s her normal, doesn’t mean it doesn’t hurt.

Just because she’s used to it, doesn’t make it any less uncomfortable.

I have to remember that she deals with so much, and she doesn’t deserve it.

Just because she’s been seeing doctors her whole life, doesn’t mean it’s not scary for her.

She’s brave, and strong, and courageous, and tough……and she shouldn’t have to be.

LU in the ER, pretending to take her own vitals

My kidlets are incredible human beings. They all have a normal that makes life a bit more challenging. They all overcome obstacles daily. Can you imagine?

I’m proud of my kidlets. I just need to remember that their normal isn’t mine.

Just because it’s normal, doesn’t mean it doesn’t hurt.

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