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Pharmacy Shenanigans

So we switched insurance companies in April.  The new insurance company is great in many ways, and not great in some ways.  I’ve already had one issue when ordering LE’s medication (one of them).  The doctor needed to send in a new order for the Lactulose, which is a laxative.  They sent it in, and I called the pharmacy to confirm that they received it.  They did receive it, so I ordered the new prescription.  We use the mail order pharmacy, so once it is ordered it gets sent to the house.  After waiting a week, and running out of the Lactulose we had on hand, I called the pharmacy back.  Apparently, they never actually submitted the order.  Finally got it after having to go to the pharmacy to pick it up, as opposed to having it mailed like it was supposed to.

After that debacle, we needed more Bethanecol, which is for her delayed gastric emptying.  Pharmacy, again, did not order it.  I ordered it on a Tuesday, on Friday at 11 they e-mailed me and said there was an issue.  So I called and played the game of “It was never ordered.  Oh, it was ordered, but through the wrong pharmacy.”  So at 3 pm I confirmed with the guy that it was ordered and sent to the correct pharmacy and would be ready for pickup that day.  Pharmacy is 2 hours away (it is a compounded medication, and can only be made at this one pharmacy).  So I confirmed that it would be there and they are open until 6 pm.  Hop in the car, drive 2 hours or so, and make it to the pharmacy.  Oh, I’m sorry, the order was put in electronically but he never called to confirm, so our compounding pharmacists went home at 3:30.  There is nothing that can be done.  I was in tears trying to explain how badly we needed this medication and how I was promised that it would be here.  They were very sympathetic but nothing could be done.  They rushed it on Monday and it got here Monday morning.

Then we discover that LE’s g button is leaking.  Faulty one way valve, manufacturing defect.  I order a button as a rush.  Was told that since it is a manufacturing defect, no problem!  We’ll contact the warehouse and have it shipped.  Wait almost 2 weeks, 3+ phone calls, and finally just lose my mind.  Then they say, “Oh look, it shipped on Thursday!  It’ll be there on Monday!”  2 weeks after the fact.

It has been a wild and crazy couple of weeks.  LE is doing well, we’re current on medications, and a new button is here, ready to be put in.  I just wish sometimes things didn’t have to be so difficult, especially if there is no reason for it.  If I am asking for something crazy, I expect challenges.  But when I am told something like, “Call this pharmacy at this number to order this medication”, and I confirm that I did that, and it was still sent somewhere else that can’t process it, that’s ridiculous.  When I’m told a button will be shipped ASAP, and it isn’t, and no one can give me a good reason why, that’s ridiculous.  When I confirm a refill order over the phone, and find out a week later it was never actually put in, that’s ridiculous

Grrrr. Arg.

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