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Kidlets and Coffee Uncategorized Sickness abounds. Bring on the coffee!

Sickness abounds. Bring on the coffee!

I’ve got a house full of sick kids. Even the cat is sick!

LB has a new asthma regime, it has really helped her kick this cold to the curb. Amazing!

LK had eye surgery on Monday. The doctor pushed a probe down her tear ducts to clear them out and then inserted tubes to keep them open. Her ducts have been clogged her whole life. It caused her eyes to “glue” shut with all the gunk built up, and she had lost a lot of eye lashes to it. Hopefully these tubes solve the problem! She’s recovering well, even if she does hate the eye drops we have to give her.

LN has come down with the virus. He’s very emotional when he’s sick, and it makes it tough as a mom. Hopefully he’ll get enough rest this weekend to help him kick it.

LE has just started with the snotty nose and crankiness. She’s only 6 months old, so the only thing I can really do for her is suction her nose and hope for the best.

I’ve got the cold, too, but I’ll survive. I always do!

Even the cat is sick. He’s got an ear infection and a hematoma in the same ear. I have to give him ear drops and half a prednisone pill. Have you ever tried giving a pill to a 20 lb cat? “Just pry open his jaw and pop it in,” they said. “Use a pill gun,” they said. “It’s easy,” they said. I call shenanigans. This poor guy is a wreck. And so are my fingers! But hey, the ear drops are easy in comparison!

So what say you? How’s your week been? Have you ever had to medicate a difficult pet?

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