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Sounds Like Life to Me

Ever have one of those days?

I left the house the other day to take LB to a doctor appointment. Kids have all been sick, LB was taking longer to get over it so we were going in to get something to help settle her stomach.

I noticed the car was driving a little odd, but my car is old, lots of things going on with it, no biggie. It started to really bug me, so I pulled over to see if I was dragging something under it or anything

Imagine my surprise when I see my tire.

Now I can honestly say that it did NOT blow while I was driving, thankfully. I did have to drive to get it back home in order to switch vehicles to get LB to her appointment on time.

Thankfully, LB is feeling better. LN hasbfelt better for a while now, LK never really got sick. LE appears to be in the midst of a gastroparesis flare, which SUCKS.

Blown tire, long illnesses passed around, puke, poop, and stomach contents coming out of g tubes.

Yep. Sounds like life to me.

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