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Special Needs Parenting

What is Special Needs Parenting? It is so many things. There are challenges, tears, disappointment, frustration, missing milestones. But there is joy, laughter, celebration, inchstones, pride.

Special Needs Parenting is:

  • Calling insurance companies and specialists
  • Constant appointments being scheduled and rescheduled
  • Therapies to plan and follow
  • Forgetting which kid you are calling for and getting birthdays mixed up
  • Searching for answers, solutions, suggestions until late into the night
  • Driving into a snowstorm at the last minute to pick up a much needed medication, and have a 3 hour trip take 8 1/2 hours due to the weather and road conditions (but dammit you got that medication!)
  • Keeping a chart of who takes what medication, what dose, what time, and how often
  • Updating that chart often
  • Knowing the pediatric specialists in the state, and having favorites
  • Keeping notebooks of medical records, diagnoses, medical history, and any notes up to date
  • Celebrating the inchstones as they come along. Eating by mouth all day! Only puked once today! Pooped 3 days in a row!
  • Having constant conversations that revolve around poop (color, consistency, frequency, changes)
  • Having constant conversations about vomit, and being able to accurately estimate how much there is just by looking
  • Sitting at Jiffy Lube getting an oil change and suddenly being covered in puke because reflux medication stopped working with one kid
  • Accepting your new normal

There is so much to these kidlets. They keep me on my toes, that is for sure! But you know what? I wouldn’t change it for the world!

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