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Heya folks. You know what a great word is in the world of Special Needs? “Stable.” It doesn’t seem like much of a word. Seriously, I’m sure it doesn’t even seem very positive to most. But to us?

Stable means “no changes”

Stable means “not getting worse”

Stable means “you can breathe for a bit”

Unfortunately, “stable” doesn’t come up as often as we wish. I’d love to post on here and say, “hey! No changes! Everything is stable!” But life is what it is and we push on.

LB has felt the effects of wildfires and pollen. Her asthma hasn’t been great, but hasn’t gotten too horrible. No steroids needed, thankfully. This, too, shall pass.

LN struggles with online schooling. He is a perfectionist, and is very hard on himself when he gets an answer wrong. We are working on his emotional regulation as well as reminding him that without mistakes there would be no learning. It’s a hard lesson for him.

LK loves school, but wishes she could spend more time with her teacher and class. She loves to be helpful and set everything up for the day!

LE had more testing done to find out what’s going on in that belly of hers. We found out that her system is even slower than it used to be. This leads to pressure and discomfort for her. We upped one of her meds and that seems to be helping her. We’re grateful that the g tube allows for pressure release!

My foot is healing, albeit slowly. I was in the cast an extra week, but now I’m in the boot and walking around. Hopefully soon I’ll be back in regular shoes on both feet! Or rather, slippers because let’s be real, I don’t go anywhere often enough to need shoes haha

She thinks she’s a parrot, and loves to sit on my shoulder

Time marches on. We roll with the punches as best we can. The kidlets have certainly taught us to get back up again.

“Stable” may never be our normal, but we appreciate every victory.

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