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Starting Off Right

Tic-Tac-Toe 4 in a row!

It’s time for…..a new week to start!

Life is always going to be crazy. It’s what we do. Ups and downs, surprises and expected chaos. There is a rhythm to the chaos in our life, and we dance around with it, going where life’s adventures lead us.

These days, we are trying to get out of the house a bit more. The littlest always wants to play outside, and we are working on getting everyone in the sun and exploring the nature around us.

The bridge in the photos is that bridge. The one I broke my toe on. The one that, due to my broken toe and extended complications and consequences of that break, was never finished. It’s been repainted, the planks replaced, moved to a better location, and then just…sat there. Will those planks ever get bolted back into place? Who knows. It is safe enough, and the kids enjoy coming up with new ideas with it!

Imagination is such a crucial part of life. Not just for kids, but for us adults as well. When we stop looking at what is, or what should be, we can truly appreciate what can be. That bridge isn’t finished. It should be bolted together and tidied up. But you know what it can be?

A horse!

A ballet barre!

A resting stop on an adventure over a raging river!

And it is all of those things and so much more. We just have to see it.

If we start our day with the idea that “life happens” we can deal with things easier. We have accepted that in this house, we expect the unexpected. We accept that things will rarely, if ever, go as planned. Rather than being frustrated or agitated about this, we’ve learned not to plan. If there’s no plan, there’s no changes to be made! Just a new direction to go!

The kidlets were born with various Special Needs. This is their reality, OUR reality. We can spend our days angry about it, or accept it as is and work with these needs.

LB knows she needs an inhaler and allergy meds daily, and needs an addition inhaler when she wants to run around and play. That’s just how it is.

LN knows he has severe ADHD and is colorblind. He knows that there are ways to help him accomplish tasks that maybe not everyone needs. He also knows that he can see things that we can’t always see (like camouflaged characters in video games!) And he knows that it is his superpower.

LK knows that her joints hurt really bad sometimes. She knows that she has a special teddy bear that we can heat up to help her.

LE knows that she has an extra belly button. She knows she wears special inserts in her shoes to help her walk and run. She knows that if her belly hurts, we can vent her, and she’ll even grab the supplies we need.

You know what else they know?

They know that being different is ok.

They know that differences make us unique, and uniqueness is celebrated!

They know that they are loved and cherished.

They know that everyone deserves to be loved and accepted.

They know that each day is a new day, and a new opportunity to start fresh.

They know that that isn’t a bridge….it’s a horse today

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  1. Carmen Russo says:

    All of our love to the whole family!! You’re all heroes to us!!!

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