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Starting Off With a Bang

Summer break started off with a bang! LB and LN both spent the second to last day of school at home throwing up. They were able to attend the last day, at least LB was. The school called me to pick LN up as he was not as better as he thought he was. They are feeling better now, thankfully.

Yesterday we took the kidlets and dogs for a nice long walk. Every one enjoyed it, and everyone slept really well last night!

Medically, we are at an impasse. We still haven’t figured out where the problem lies within LE’s digestive system. She has a lot of pressure built up, and we can’t vent the air fast enough to get ahead of it. This leaves her distended and uncomfortable, and also causes her to reflux a lot of what she eats and drinks into her drain bag (which kinda defeats the purpose of eating). We also had to start her back on formula for an hour a day with the feeding pump, to try to help her gain weight (she was shrinking again). Our goal is 8 oz over an hour, but right now any more than 6 causes her to reflux it all out.

Good times! Happy Summer break, folks!

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