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Another day in the life…

Tempus Fugit

Time flies! Blink, and it’s gone. I was told once, in reference to kids, that the days are long and the years are short. Man, never has that been more true than these past few months.

LB has started on a new asthma regime. She hasn’t gained any weight or height in a year and her pulmonologist is concerned it may be related to her inhaler (a rare possible side effect) so she has a new inhaler and a referral to endocrinology.

LN has been doing well, although the weather has been having an impact on him. Dreary days make for a dreary boy.

LK is as spunky as ever. She is beyond ready to start kindergarten and DOES NOT WANT TO WAIT. It just takes forever! Time is a hard concept to a tiny person.

LE has a follow up with her dermatologist soon. She has severe eczema but it presents weird (story of our life). She doesn’t get normal breakouts, it just drops her immune response and makes her prone to severe bacterial and viral infections. Good times!!

We took a family trip for Thanksgiving. It was great to get out of town and meet cousins, nieces, and nephews we hadn’t met yet (or who have grown tremendously since last time!). We also happened to adopt two beautiful black cats while we were there, and they are settling in nicely to our chaotic household.

Toothless and Sasha

After we got home, we had to deal with normal household catastrophes. You know, leaky sink, broken pipes, complete overhaul of the kitchen sink because of it all. Just another day!

Now we are preparing for Christmas. The tree is up, the walls are filled with lights and cheer, and we keep our fingers crossed that illness stays away.

Hope everyone has been doing well!

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