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Web Development and Coding

I love coding. I truly enjoy building websites and seeing them come to life. It is so satisfying. It is also extremely frustrating.

Such is the life of a programmer. Sometimes the tiniest issue stops the entire process. Comma in the wrong place? Broken. Misspell a word? Broken. Misidentifying variables? Screeching halt.

And just when you reach the point where you are ready to rage delete the entire website, BOOM. It works. You find that one tiny error in your code, and you get to see the entire site come together, exactly as you envisioned it.

Such is the life.

1 thought on “Web Development and Coding”

  1. Carrie Walker says:

    I love coding! It is so precise and balanced. It makes me work the logical side of my brain. And it is so satisfying when it comes together!

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