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What a Summer

Our lives are never boring out here. I broke my big toe, which has made life a bit difficult. I will try to cram all of the updates here.

LE saw GI, and we are going to try a different motility medication for a few weeks to see if it helps. She still gets super distended and uncomfortable, and we are looking at many options.

LB was going to have a backyard campout with Girl Scouts. We were ready! It started raining as we put up the tent, but a little rain doesn’t hurt. THEN the hail started. My coleader and I told the girls to run to the house and we rushed after them. Do you know how hard it is to quickly crutch up a soggy hill while getting pelted by hail??? It was certainly an adventure. So the campout changed to a sleepover at my coleader’s house and we will be rescheduling the campout in the future.

On top of all this, LB and LE were switching bedrooms and a plastic crate smashed LB’s big toe. Same foot and toe as me!! We went in to Urgent Care today and thankfully it isn’t broken, just jammed and sore. It did cause a cut (basically all the way around her toe nail) that we will have to keep clean, but yay for no breaks!!

So, how’s your summer going??

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