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What a Week

What a week this has been.

Monday. Took the guinea pig to the vet to check her abscess. Found out when I checked in that her appointment was Tuesday, not Monday. *Forehead smack* Thankfully they took her in anyways. Her abscess, while healing, is not yet fully gone. 2 more weeks of antibiotics, if it doesn’t go away then we look into surgically cleaning and closing it.

Tuesday, I was woken up to a cup of coffee and a buttonless baby. Had to do an emergency button placement before her stoma closed, while half asleep. Apparently she forgot she was hooked up and ran out of her room, ripping the button out with a fully inflated balloon. She didn’t even act like it hurt, more she was annoyed at the inconvenience.

Wednesday, no crisis, thankfully!

Today, took the cay to the vet. Barely made it on time due to snowy/icy roads….only to find out that I was an hour early. Because of course I was. But, again, they took her in anyways. Great news, her liver enzymes are back to normal and she looks great. Hurray!

Tomorrow, I have my pre-op physical. Next week I’m having my second surgery on my foot. At some point, I have to get into the VA and get a shoulder x-ray as well.

Last week, our beloved bearded dragon passed away unexpectedly. It was shocking and we all miss her.

RIP sweet Phoenix

On a positive note, we do have a great view while doing schoolwork from home!

4 thoughts on “What a Week”

  1. Jennifer Howell says:

    Sounds like a pretty ‘normal’ week for you lol…Sorry about the dragon 😦 That sucks. And omg at the kiddo not noticing her button coming out. Here’s to all the crazy ending so we can sit and enjoy a cup of coffee again!!!
    Oh and stop kicking bridges!

    1. MLMast says:

      To be fair, I *did* stop kicking them. Day late and a dollar short lol

  2. Carmen says:

    Quite the week, yet we both know that this is normal for you… 🤣🤣🤣

    1. MLMast says:

      You are not wrong! When it took them longer than normal to find the cat, my first thought was, “Shoot, did I show up a day early again?” Lol

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