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What a Week

It has been a week. I guess it has been a month! LK turned 4 years old! Holy cow, what happened to my sweet tiny preemie??? Now she is a sassy child. Not that she wasn’t sassy and feisty before, it is just more defined now. She’s been perfecting it. Unfortunately, she did spend her birthday sick, starting with fevers averaging 104.4* the day before. It sucked. But she did eventually feel better and was able to have cake about a week later. So yay for cake!

LK on her birthday
Poor sick LK 🙁

LE had her anorectal manometry procedure done. The test showed that she did have some tightness, and she received a botox shot to help the muscles loosen. I have not noticed a difference yet. I think we will find that while it was a problem, it was not THE problem. Her surgeon was great, though. When she was breathing in the anesthesia, he was singing to her. It was a remix of Bohemian Rhapsody and Itsy Bitsy Spider. He was hilarious! After the procedure, he told me how surprised he was because she didn’t cry at all, before or after. She just woke up and mean mugged the nurses until she got apple juice. Yep. That kid is tough as nails!

At least she got her apple juice
LE got her apple juice

LK did manage to get me sick as well, and I’ve been trying to recover from that. Mainly a lot of coughing now, which does wonders for my ab muscles!

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