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You Are Not Alone

How’s everyone doing out there? Going stir crazy? Enjoying the break?

Life is life here. We are hanging in there. It is tough to not let the kids play with the neighbors, but they are starting to spend more time with each other. They are becoming closer, and they are also going out back more. We have more music playing, kids are creating plays. Husband is working from home.

There are a lot of resources available online these days. So many agencies are offering tours, lessons, and the like for free. It is incredible to see how people are coming together.

As much as it may feel like it, you are not alone. We are all in this together. Please follow the guidelines given and practice isolation and social distancing. The more people follow these, the sooner this will end. You can do this!

On a medical note, there has been a lot of shuffling appointments and plans. LE’s weight check is postponed, so we need to figure out a solution at home. LK’s eye appointment has been cancelled, not cancelled, and now I don’t know where it stands so I need to call. LE also has a Dermatology appointment that will most likely be cancelled and rescheduled. Her birthday is coming up and I need to make her wellness check up, but I keep putting it off.

Having high risk kids is scary and stressful in the best of times. During this pandemic, it is even more stressful. More and more people are exposed. Our healthcare providers are struggling to keep up with supplies, safety, and health. Please remember them, and make their lives easier by staying home!!! Don’t behave as if you might get infected, behave as if you already are and could spread it to others.

And to end this on a positive note, here is an example of growth. LB is holding her preemie onesie that she used to swim in it was so big on her. 10 years of growth. Have hope!

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