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You Know You’re a Special Needs Parent When…


When you’re in the hospital with one of your kids, the nurses remember you from your other visits with your other kids


Every specialist that has come to see you during this hospital stay has treated at least one of your other kids


Those specialists can work with you better because they already know the family history


You know who to call for follow up appointments because hey, at least one of your kids has seen someone else


Nurses go out of their way to visit you and ask how the other kids are doing


When you call for an appointment with a specialist, you have to actually specify which kid is being seen this time


You are so comfortable talking to the doctors in their own language that they ask if you have medical training yourself


You know how to read lab results for your children and what different medications can do (or not do)


You forget that not everyone has the same background as you, and you find yourself overwhelming friends or family with medical jargon


You are blessed by miracles every day in the form of your kidlets, and you learn to focus on and celebrate every small victory and milestone

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